February 21, 2024 – Bicycling

Biking on the boardwalk

Recently, I began to bike ride again. I used to ride a lot when younger as it beat walking and I was too young to drive. Now, I find it to be quite different.

Our streets are now much more bike friendly even though drivers may not be. The bikes are built with much better technology and seem easier to ride.

Accessories are plentiful. Cell phone holders allow for communication with others as well as providing a choice of music, news, directions, etc.

There are also tricycles for those who have difficulty with balance or are aging. eBikes can be fun and, in many cases, replace cars for short distances
Bikes offer great exercise as long as you don’t overdo it. It’s important to wear protective clothing especially when sitting so that the ride is comfortable.

Wearing a helmet is necessary; it protects you from tree branches, the changes in the pavement, as well as any other object that might make you fall.

I try to ride on sidewalks as much as I can for safety reasons. I am not concerned about my riding; however, I am concerned about drivers who may not see me or are in a rush. Sidewalks obviously provide the safety that roads, even with bike lanes, do not provide.

I also find it very interesting to watch bike clubs pass me while riding. The different bikes, the colorful clothing, and the camaraderie amongst the riders, is highlighted by their enjoyment of this sport.

But for me the most enjoyable aspect of bike riding is that I get to see things I don’t see while driving.

In addition to the exercise, the hellos from neighbors, the homes, the plants, the pets, the stores, the feel of the ground all make bicycling enjoyable.

Most of all, you get to use all of your senses including feeling the wind, smelling the flowers, and observing more add to the experience.

It is as if when driving, you focus on where you are going.

When bicycling, you get to experience the life around you.