Our Staff

Joel I. Kimmel, Ph.D.

Joel KimmelDr. Joel Kimmel is a Clinical Psychologist who has been in continuous private practice in South Florida for over 44 years. He received his Bachelors degree from Queens College in 1969 and his doctoral degree from Hofstra University in 1976. He has provided well over 50,000 hours of assessment, counseling, and consultation, in addition to managing the business of a group mental health practice. Dr. Kimmel is a regular contributor to the radio show Topical Currents on WLRN, South Florida’s NPR affiliate, and he publishes a monthly e-Letter dealing with psychological issues.

Throughout his career, Dr. Kimmel has also served in many different capacities. He has been the Team Psychologist for the Child Protection Team of Broward County where he participated in the investigation of cases of reported child abuse. He has been the adolescent program psychologist for several chemical dependency treatment programs, both free standing and hospital based. Dr. Kimmel has also served as a consultant to several corporations resolving employee conflicts and developing Violence in the Workplace prevention programs. Dr. Kimmel is a co-founder of B-Vitals, an online child behavioral health assessment for use by pediatricians and other healthcare professionals who treat children and adolescents.  

In his private practice, Dr. Kimmel’s patients consist of children, adolescents, and adults. He is a directive, solution focused, psychologist who believes that improvement comes through changing a person’s thinking, beliefs, and attitudes. Most of his patients are referred for relationship problems, anxiety, depression, and behavioral problems. His approach consists of identification of the problem, developing strategies to resolve the problem, and then executing on these strategies. Dr. Kimmel also conducts psychological evaluations for accommodations in school, for admission to private schools, for identifying learning disorders, to diagnose Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, and for class placements.

In addition to seeing children, adults and families in his clinical practice, Dr. Kimmel has been the psychologist for the Broward region of the March of the Living. Since 1996, he has helped to educate high school students about the Holocaust. 

Camille Benito, Psy.D.

Camille Benito is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who has been providing psychotherapy services to children, adolescents, and adults throughout Florida over the past 7 years. Camille received her Bachelor’s degree from Palm Beach Atlantic University and her Masters and Doctoral degrees from Nova Southeastern University.

Camille has provided therapeutic services within community mental health, private practice, and university counseling center settings. Over the last 3 years, she developed a specialization in working with the emerging young adult population and has experience providing individual, group, and couples therapy with a growing passion for group therapy. Camille has treated clients with various concerns ranging from anxiety, depression, relationship concerns, grief and loss, identity development, and trauma. Dr. Benito incorporates various therapeutic approaches in her work which include cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal processing, and brief psychodynamic therapy.

Camille recognizes how difficult it is to take the first steps towards seeking help and knows that each person comes to therapy with their own unique background that shapes how they see themselves, others, and the world. She takes an empathic approach and is intentional about creating a safe, nonjudgmental space to meet clients in whichever stage of their therapeutic journey. In collaboration with the client, she works to evaluate their thoughts, behaviors, beliefs, and expectations to reinforce those aspects that bring them closer to their therapy goals while readjusting factors that are hindering them. Her work promotes insight, empowerment, and evidence-based techniques for clients to use in their daily lives to support achievement of their therapeutic goals.

Stacey Mednick, LCSW

Stacey-431Stacey Mednick is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been providing psychotherapeutic and psycho-educational services to children, adolescents and their families in South Florida for over 12 years. Stacey received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida and her Masters Degree in Social Work from Florida Atlantic University. She has been licensed since 2012.

Stacey has provided behavioral health services in the home, private practice, and academic settings. She offers her service to individuals, families and groups. Ms. Mednick specializes in working with childhood and adolescent behavioral and emotional disorders such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and anger management. She also works closely with the parents and families in order to provide them with the communication skills, coping skills, support, and the tools necessary to overcome the challenges their family is facing. Stacey is passionate about bringing the family together in order to function as a cohesive unit and support each other throughout the trials and tribulations encountered throughout life.

Stacey has extensive history in working with children, adolescents, and adults with a history of trauma, as well as with a history of grief and loss. Ms. Mednick is an effective therapist who has training in various therapeutic approaches such as solution-focused therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, narrative therapy, crisis intervention and behavior modification. Stacey’s goal is to create a safe, supportive and collaborative therapeutic environment that leaves you feeling empowered and ready to live the life you desire.

Stacey is passionate about helping her clients to reach their goals through healing, growth and transformation. She will help you, your child and /or your family to identify the issues at hand, develop a treatment plan to help you overcome those issues and most importantly, will provide you with the support, guidance and therapeutic tools necessary to reach these goals. Stacey’s therapeutic style is warm, nurturing, thought-provoking and empowering. Stacey is able to provide private practice services in the office setting as well as in the comfort of your home.

Julie Gordon, LCSW

Julie Gordon LCSW is a compassionate and experienced licensed clinical social worker. She specializes in providing support to individuals, children and families facing a variety of challenges, including depression, anxiety, trauma, self-esteem issues, grief, addiction, and more. With over 25 years of experience, Julie has honed her expertise in creating safe, nonjudgmental environments where clients can explore their strengths and inner resources to build the life they desire.

In addition, Julie has a unique understanding of the complexities surrounding autoimmune illnesses such as PANS/PANDAS and Lyme Disease, particularly their impact on children and families. Drawing from her personal and professional experiences, she is dedicated to helping families navigate these challenges with empathy and understanding.

Throughout her career, Julie has worked in diverse settings, including private practice, inpatient and outpatient residential facilities, and multi-faceted healing centers. Notably, she played a pivotal role in establishing and directing a comprehensive healing center for individuals, professionals, and families affected by the tragic 2018 school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

In her practice, Julie utilizes evidence-based treatments such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, trauma-focused therapy, and solution-focused therapy. She incorporates elements of positive psychology and spirituality into her approach, believing in the innate capacity for healing and growth within each individual. Julie believes that with support and guidance, clients can become empowered and harness their strengths to realize their full potential and achieve their goals.

Susan B. Flax, Psy.S.

Susan Flax is a Licensed School Psychologist who has been working in the Broward County Public Schools as a School Psychologist since 2006. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Hofstra University in New York and then attended Brenau University in Georgia to become certified in primary and elementary education. While teaching, Susan became endorsed in Gifted Education and English for students of other languages (ESOL). She decided to merge her loves for psychology and education and pursued further education. She received her Master’s and Specialist’s degrees in School Psychology from Nova Southeastern University and has worked as a School Psychologist since.

Susan has extensive experience in evaluating children, adolescents, and young adults. She evaluates for giftedness as well as behavioral deficits. She has evaluated for autism spectrum, attention deficit, and anxiety disorders and can identify if a disability is hindering a child’s success. In addition, she has also evaluated for intelligence, depression/mood disorders, and learning disabilities. Through the specific tests Susan uses, a child’s strengths and challenges are identified and whether their abilities and behaviors are expected or unexpected at that age.

Since Susan works privately and also for the school board, she knows exactly what is required to ensure the child receives needed accommodations and interventions as quickly as possible. She has evaluated students from preschool through high school graduates and is able to see the whole developmental picture. She knows what it takes for students to thrive in school and understands the past demands, current expectations, and future educational/social pressures.

Susan is also very knowledgeable in academic, behavioral, and social/emotional interventions. Because of her classroom experience, her recommendations are targeted, reasonable and helpful for teachers. Her ongoing trainings at neuropsychology and school psychology conferences have provided her with a wealth of research-supported knowledge on how the brain works. She knows the approaches that work best to enhance focus and memory while reading, studying, learning and test taking. She also knows strategies to help manage anxiety and behavior, and to develop emotional self-regulation so that the child can start and complete tasks at school and at home.

If you are thinking of having your child evaluated or bringing your child to learn these life-long strategies, you are a parent with real concerns and worries. Whether you think your child may need assistance, or you feel your child’s teacher overreacts, Susan will listen and take your concerns seriously and professionally. Her user-friendly reports and clear explanations will empower you during conferences. She will also help you understand in advance what happens at a school meeting, who attends, and how to get your child’s needs met. As a parent, you are the advocate and the one who knows your child best. Sometimes, not knowing and wondering can be far worse for your child. Knowing and intervening early can prevent problems from becoming much larger.

Susan looks forward to consulting with you so that you will know your whole child. Her evaluation of your child will identify their strengths they can rely on to develop strong self-esteem, be resilient, and overcome challenges.

Meredith Kimmel, MAcc, PCC

Meredith Kimmel is a Certified Professional Coach who holds a BS in Advertising from the University of Florida, a Masters in Accounting from Florida Atlantic University, and received Coach Training at the University of Miami. She also holds the PCC credential from the International Coaching Federation.  Prior to becoming a professional coach, Meredith spent 15 years working as a wealth management/tax paralegal and an accountant. 

Meredith works with people to clarify their goals, accelerate their progress, and achieve results.  She partners with people by truly listening to them and understanding their goals and desires.  Ms. Kimmel’s practice focuses primarily on helping people achieve their career goals and helping people with their workplace relationships.  She understands career challenges and knows how to help.  Meredith will challenge you to reach your potential and ensure that you are working to achieve your goals.

Coaching is different from therapy in that it is understood that the client has all of the answers to their questions/issues within them.  The coach partners with the client to give the client the safe space and opportunity to explore and find the answers to their questions/issues.  The coach comes from a place of curiosity and is free of judgment or agenda.  The purpose of coaching is identifying goals, exploring why those goals are important, and creating the skill set, strategies, and tools necessary to achieve those goals.  The goal of coaching is to make forward progress.

Meredith is an active member of the International Coach Federation South Florida chapter.  In her spare time, she loves to travel, is obsessed with Art History, and enjoys supporting pet charities.

Jillian Baer

headshot_jillianJillian Baer is our practice administrator. She is a friendly and helpful individual who does whatever she can to provide our clients with excellent customer service. Jillian received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Advertising from Florida Atlantic University in 2002. Jillian has over five years’ experience in medical office environments and is very knowledgeable in handling insurance billing, authorization and referral issues, and in managing the multitude of tasks involved in managing a front office environment. Jillian’s previous experience includes Administrative Assistance experience. Jillian is available to help clients with setting up appointments and resolving insurance issues. Jillian is courteous and friendly and is often the first voice heard in welcoming our clients to the practice.