A Jeopardy Fan!

For over thirty years, I have watched Jeopardy rather regularly. So have many people that I know. If I am unable to watch or record the show, I feel like I am missing something important. So do they. This led me to question why the show is so important to me and millions of other viewers.

So, I gave this a lot of thought and came up with eight reasons.

First, Jeopardy is not only challenging, but it is also entertaining and informative. You use your knowledge, but you also learn new and interesting information.

Second, the questions vary from being easy to being difficult. Some require memory while others require certain mental gymnastics to determine the answer. Consequently, you are always getting something correct. My record for consecutive correct answers is eight.

Third, you realize that you know something that you didn’t even know you knew. I sometimes come up with an answer that I don’t remember ever learning but somehow, I absorbed it.

Fourth, Americans love competition. We choose a favorite contestant, root them on, and hope they win. This continues until another contestant comes and dethrones them.

Fifth, the contestants themselves are interesting and also smart and knowledgeable. The ages of the contestants and their ethnicity varies so the show is inclusive. The brief interview with each contestant allows for some identification but also to see how others live their lives. Some contestants have gone on to become celebrities in their own right while others have been given their moment in the spotlight.

Sixth, the hosts are relaxed, respectful, and seem to be genuinely interested in each contestant. Their style is very professional which adds a certain dignity to the show. At times, they are humorous but not at the expense of a contestant.

Seven, the show updates often allowing for it to have a fresh look and never seems to age.

Eighth, the show is designed to entertain. There are no politics, doublespeak, gaslighting, worrisome issues, or verbal attacks. It is refreshing, sort of an escape, and challenges our knowledge and intellect.

                                                        (Photo by Jill Kimmel)

If you have never watched Jeopardy, give it a look.

I hope that you can enjoy it as much as I do.