May 20, 2023 – Up In The Air!

A few weeks ago, I went to the annual Air and Sea Show which is held at Fort Lauderdale Beach. I decided that rather than be around the crowds in Fort Lauderdale, I would go to the beach in Pompano. This turned out to be a great idea as the beach was rather empty and you could still see most of the show.

What always impressed me is the size of the military planes when close up and flying over the water. Having flown on some planes back in the day, it was very familiar to see them up close again.

The aircraft seemed to be out of place as they flew over our normally quiet beach, but it is a reminder of the power and strength of our military. People on the beach applauded and seemed to be proud of being Americans.

The last demonstration was of the US Navy Blue Angels flying in formation almost wingtip to wingtip. Their skill and precision flying were beautiful and exciting, watching them maneuver their planes completely in sync.

For the few hours of the show, along the beach, there was unity and pride in being an American.

The show is an annual event and I encourage you to attend next year. You will not be disappointed.