June 21, 2023 – New York City

                                            Freedom Tower and the Oculus

Recently, I traveled to New York City to attend an international family wedding that lasted several days. Despite everything negative that I have heard on the news, the city was quite enjoyable. The weather was perfect, and the streets were filled with tourists and regulars.

                                                              The High Line

I grew up in New York and spent much time in Manhattan. I was familiar with how to get around and some of the sights one wants to see. While I know that there are homeless people and you should exert extra caution on the subway, not once did I worry about being accosted by others.

In fact, it seems to me that the city is getting younger. Almost everywhere I went were young people enjoying the weather and the Memorial Day holiday. Restaurants were plentiful and packed.

The city was also full of tourists. The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) had long lines waiting for admission. The masterpieces, however, were well worth seeing.


There were also long lines waiting for the ferry to the Statue of Liberty and other tourist sights. The High Line was crowded as well as Little Island. Even the graves of Alexander Hamilton and his family at Trinity Church had small crowds.

                                                  The Vessel at Hudson Yards

So much to see in so little time.

Seeing the city now and mixing with my memories of the past was invigorating. Meeting up with old friends in familiar places only added to the enjoyment.

In my opinion, there is no other city like New York. It is just that special.

If you have never been there or want to experience New York as it is today, consider a trip.

The wedding of course was outstanding!