A very difficult year

December 20. 2020
This has been a very difficult year for everybody. Some have had it worse and some have had it better. But what really matters is how was it for you. For myself, this year has seemed endless. While each day is long, the weeks seem to have gone by very quickly. The election is in the rearview mirror but what will happen during the transition of power remains to be seen and of concern. The virus which hopefully will become under control has been unlike anything I have ever experienced in my life. Social media and the news dominate our lives and unfortunately, there is too much disinformation, misinformation, and outright lying.

Yet, there have been positives. The creation of several vaccines in less than a year has been nothing short of miraculous. The goodness of others in helping those who are less fortunate by providing food, clothing, and money is a testimonial to the human spirit. The technological advances during this time are equivalent to the developments that occurred during the Renaissance and Industrial Age. And there are more.

Despite what we hear about how bad things are, we need to remember our human spirit. I choose to be positive and hopeful for our future.

Join me!