October 21, 2023 – Finding Collectibles!

Lately, I have been reading a lot about people who are making fantastic “finds” in thrift stores. Perhaps this has been encouraged by television shows such as Antiques Roadshow or American Pickers or by media reports of people finding valuables worth tens of thousands of dollars. Finding collectibles has become an increasingly popular activity.

For years, I have attended flea markets, collectible shows, and even thrift stores. Most of what I see does not have any value to me. Usually in antique fairs or stores like Goodwill or Faith Farm, there is a lot of clothing, appliances, books, records, CDs, tapes, some furniture, and jewelry.

I have learned that if you go when new merchandise is brought out, you will see the “experts” who quickly rummage through clothing looking for the designer labels to resell on eBay. You will also see the early pickers looking for a bargain for their own personal collections. Some have made a living picking jewelry and reselling the items.

For myself, I must admit that I have made some purchases.

I am a typewriter collector and have bought several pre-electric ones that are actually in good working condition. Some of them are very collectible and of high value. They tell the story of what life was like prior to computers.

I have also purchased a Sony Betamax and a VHS recorder when I wanted to convert old tapes to digital format. They both work, are in great condition, and have served their purpose extremely well. After all, where can you buy these recorders now?

Finally, I look at the artwork. Once in a while I come across pieces of art that have been signed and authenticated by an art gallery.

Going to these stores or shows to look for collectibles is not for everybody. Yet there are many, many people who are collectors and enjoy the experience of a trip into the past, especially when they find Lionel Trains, Erector Sets, or Beanie Babies.

It’s an interesting pastime which many people enjoy. It’s not like winning the lottery but there is great exhilaration when a “find” is made.

Have you made any “finds”? Email me at [email protected] .