July 21, 2022 – Key West

Recently, I spent the weekend in Key West with my daughter. It’s true what Jimmy Buffet sings: “Changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes. Nothing remains quite the same.”

For those of you readers who have never been there, once past Florida City on US 1, the whole atmosphere including your way of thinking changes. It becomes relaxed with everyday worries just fading away. It’s almost magical.

The drive to the Southernmost point of the US goes through many Keys, all surrounded by either the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, or both. There are several bridges to cross including the beautiful Seven Mile Bridge. The scenery is stunning and everything and everyone looks laid back.

It seems the further you drive, the more relaxed you become. In fact, the environment forces you to relax. Gone, but only temporarily, are worries about inflation, the economy, politics, etc.

The major questions become what are we going to do today or which shorts/bathing suit should I wear. The culture is that of just letting go. Water sports, fishing, and boating or just sitting by the water are major activities.

There are also some sights to see in Key West that are quite interesting. The Truman Summer White House, the Hemingway House with its cats’ inhabitants, and Fort Zachary Taylor among others were fascinating with its location and history. The people are friendly, and the overall culture is just take it easy and relax.


But what is spectacular are the sunsets. Words cannot describe the beauty of nature watching the sun setting over the Gulf.

I was very impressed.

I am not writing a commercial for Key West but if you really want to relax as I did, consider this as a destination.