The Importance of Being Organized!

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Volume 15, Number 10

Because of the times we live in, many of us feel stressed. We are constantly bombarded with worrisome news, things we have to do, opportunities we might miss if we don’t hurry and sign up, or by emails which require us to respond. A lot of us feel exhausted and not in control of our lives with depression and anxiety being major mental health problems.

One solution to living a happier and peaceful life is to gain a sense of control by organizing and structuring one’s life. This month’s e-Letter, The Importance of Being Organized, provides information on how you can reduce stress and feel accomplished by putting yourself on a schedule and decluttering your life.

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The Importance of Being Organized!

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Many of us have a fantasy of having nothing to do, having no deadlines, and not having to respond to emails, texts, or other messages. Yes, this is a fantasy in today’s world. Having nothing to do is very appealing yet may actually be detrimental to us. We can benefit from days off, holidays, and vacations but to be happy in life, we need to have a purpose. This gives meaning to our lives and a direction. It also allows us to have some sense of control in our lives.

Organizing oneself means giving ourselves a structure. It ensures that we get things done and feel a sense of accomplishment. Physically, having a daily routine of when to get up, go to sleep, eat, and take breaks is good for maintaining our circadian rhythm. Psychologically, having a structure reduces our anxiety and gives us a sense of certainty. Without structure, we forget appointments, tasks we need to do, and even eating and exercising. Being organized can give us a sense of familiarity in our daily lives and overcome procrastination and slacking off.

A prime example of not being organized are those who live in clutter or have unfinished projects that were never completed. Research has shown that people who have lived in such homes were more depressed, fatigued, and had higher levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, than people who lived in “restorative” homes. Not having a structure or routine can also cause feelings of being overwhelmed and not having a focus.

A good way to start being organized is to establish a daily routine with bedtimes, wakeup times, exercise times, and eating times. Choose what activities need to be done that day and schedule them into your day. Choose only two or three based on importance and do not overload what you think you can do in a day. Knowing that these activities are scheduled will allow you to use the other time for enjoyment.

Especially during times of unpredictability and stress, having a structure and routine helps to feel more organized and in control. Sticking with a structure requires effort and time but the rewards can be well worth it.

We offer the following information:

Self-Care: The Importance of Being Organized

Getting Organized Is A Sign Of Self-Respect… Gabrielle Bernstein


  • Being disorganized can seriously impact one’s mental health leading to feelings of anxiety, anger, and depression
  • Started but unfinished projects, “to do” lists, and house clutter weigh heavily upon us and can lead to feeling overwhelmed and overstressed
  • In addition, clutter can lead to breathing in mold, dust, and other noxious substances that can cause physical problems
  • Structuring oneself gives a sense of control in unpredictable times like Covid
  • Being on a schedule for your daily activities will create predictability and decrease the stress that comes from uncertainty
  • Having a routine can also ensure that what needs to get done, gets done
  • People often don’t organize because they:
  • never learned how to organize or prioritize
  • feel overwhelmed and lack energy to start
  • don’t have/make the time to invest in decluttering
  • have difficulty letting go of possessions and bad habits
  • Benefits of organizing include
  • feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment
  • reduced stress and improved sleep
  • reduced anxiety and depression
  • increased productivity
  • healthier eating and exercising
  • improved relationships
  • living in a healthier environment


  • Put yourself on a schedule; decide whether it is better to have structured blocks of time or a more general attitude of get it done today
  • Set a daily schedule for waking, eating, working, fun activities, and sleep
  • Keep active and exercise several times a week
  • Set realistic goals that can be accomplished
  • Have a positive attitude and don’t get stuck on things you can’t control
  • Give yourself a reward when a task is accomplished
  • When decluttering your home, choose three piles: keep, give away, and not sure, which gets looked at again in 3 to 6 months
  • Seek professional help if you are unable to structure yourself and feel stuck, overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed

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