Pfizer Covid vaccine

January 19, 2021
I recently received the Pfizer Covid vaccine which was not an unpleasurable experience. After being able to access the appointments page, I was able to schedule an appointment on a Saturday three weeks later. Last Saturday, I showed up at Markham Park early in the morning hoping to be taken quickly. The park was not even open yet but there were hundreds of cars in front of me. I took my place in line and began to wait. Surprisingly, the wait was not so bad at all.

Like being online at Disney World, the line kept moving, slow and steady. The weather was beautiful, the park was peaceful, classical music was on the radio, and there were plenty of porta pottys. There were several checkpoints along the way looking at the form that needed to be filled out as well as your date of birth to ensure you met the age requirement. The staff from the DOH were friendly, helpful, and professional. What a pleasure. It seemed like it went very quickly before I arrived at the inoculation tents, ten of them. The staff wrote on your windshield the tent you were assigned to and when the inoculation was delivered. After which, I drove to a separate area for another line. There, after 15 minutes, I was told I could leave. I felt great relief that it went smoothly and that I had received the first dose. I await the second dose and hope it goes as smoothly.