August 15, 2023 – Travel After Covid!

I miss traveling.

Every summer for years, I would travel with my family to either Europe or across the United States. What great and memorable experiences to have, especially with the family.

Eating new foods, seeing historic sites, and learning new customs truly enriched my life. One quickly learns that the United States is not the center of the world.

But that all virtually stopped with Covid. Most of us followed CDC guidance and refrained from traveling as well as other activities. We remained home, worrying about getting sick and not wanting to be quarantined in a foreign country.

Covid is still around but the emergency is over. Travel has boomed as cruises and flights are difficult to get. We hear about people getting Covid but now, it’s like having the flu, and not as deadly as years ago.

But I wonder what European travel will be like. I question whether I still have the travel skills I had years ago. Is traveling easier or more difficult? How has the rest of the world changed? Are people as friendly and welcoming as I have previously encountered? Will I have the same experiences I had before?

I look forward to traveling again in the near future despite Covid.

Do you?