Visit family


A few weeks ago, I traveled to New York with my daughter to visit family. While mildly apprehensive about traveling, I did not let that stop me and booked the flights. Friends had given me advice both ways; it’s not safe to travel or it’s not really a problem. I prepared beforehand with multiple masks, disinfectants, and an intention to stay away from people as best I could. I knew that at the airport and on the plane, I would have to wear a mask but that was not a problem. I had not seen my son nor traveled in over a year, and I was determined to make the trip.


I am pleased to say that the experience was better than expected, even better than when there was no Covid. In the airport, everyone was wearing a mask. Security was not crowded, and the TSA check went smoothly. I just had to hold up my ID and boarding pass. After passing through security, people were spread out, at restaurants and even at the gate. It seemed like everyone was cooperating with each other, unlike what we have seen in news reports. The flight staff was courteous and probably thankful that they had a full plane.


The flight was smooth and quick and people maintained their composure while waiting for their luggage. We had mostly the same experience on the return trip to Florida. People were friendly and helpful. It seemed to me to be even a better experience than before Covid.


Whether you travel by plane or not is your decision based on your risk tolerance. I am not advocating that you travel but just reporting my experience. I hope that this little bit of return to normal continues and that we can all live more normal lives.