December 20, 2022 – Looking Back

At the end of each year, I take a look back to remember the significant experiences that happened during the year. Sometimes, I need to look at my photos file or even emails to remember everything. But the truly important and remarkable events come right back.

When I do look back, even though time does fly, I am amazed about all that happened. I try to determine whether this was a great year, a good year, or a year in which I could have done better. The answers are almost always the same. Yes, in some respects, it was a great year and a good year and areas in which I could have improved. I guess this is what life is about if we take the time to reflect.

                                                   (Photo by Brett Sayles)

I made some new friends but also lost dear friends and patients to illness. I have learned some new skills unrelated to business and some new skills that are related to business. I have rekindled playing games I used to play when younger which have brought back many memories. I have also experienced activities outside my comfort zone such as Disney World’s Guardians of The Galaxy. (If you’ve been on that ride, you know what I mean.)

I have also focused on those in my life who have always been there and are still there because of the bonds we have created. Some of these relationships go back over 45 years and it is still a pleasure to meet up and hear what’s new.

Traveling has always brought me great joy. It was somewhat different in that travel was here in The United States and Canada rather than in Europe or the Mideast. But it still allowed for the experience of enjoying different cultures even though they may be similar.

What could I have done better?

I realized that I could read more, especially for pleasure. I could reach out more to friends who I have lost touch with. I could do more self-care rather than just weekly yoga and eating healthy. I could get more intellectual stimulation through learning from discussions and events.

This reflection upon the past year is proof to me that I have been living and experiencing life.

But what about you? Do you look back at the end of each year and remember what happened?

Give it a try. It may enrich your life.

                                                   (Photo by Olia Danilevich)

Best wishes for a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season and an Enriching New Year.