Restricted by the pandemic

Dr K's Blog

November 19, 2020
Another month has gone by and we remain restricted by the pandemic. The election has come and mostly gone although things seem to remain the same. The Covid news remains frightening and many of my contacts are angry and question how much more of the restrictions they can take. It does seem that Groundhog Day has set in. Tolerance for the sameness is decreasing and I think more people are taking unhealthy risks. Depression is on the increase as is overall mental health damage. We need to remember that Covid is a very dangerous illness and not just the flu. While the vaccine picture looks promising, we are not there yet and it may actually be a while.

We must remember that we are all in this together. What we do can affect others. It is very sad that our society has been entitled for many, many years with people being only concerned about themselves and their rights. This pandemic requires us to be a community where we pull together and not only look out for ourselves and our families but also our neighbors and others.

We can stop the spread by working together and being concerned about each other. Maybe this is the true lesson of the pandemic. Wear a mask and keep the social distance even though you may not want to or think you have to. Doing so is good for everybody and will flatten the curve.