10 Tips to Enjoy the Holidays!

An Electronic Mental Health Newsletter from Joel I. Kimmel, Ph.D., P.A. & Associates
Volume 14, Number 12

This month’s E-Letter is about how you can actually enjoy the holidays rather than being fatigued, stressed out, and frustrated. Demands increase, things can get overwhelming, and tolerance can be limited. The more you worry about gifts, invitations, parties, visitors, etc, the less you will be able to enjoy the holidays.

This season is an important time of the year to not only remember the meaning of the different holidays but also a time to relax and enjoy oneself. Here are 10 suggestions you can use to ensure that you find this time of the year joyful, meaningful, and fulfilling.

1. Avoid overcommitting yourself.
You don’t have to do everything or please everybody. Set limits and do the things you really want to do. Not what you think you have to do. Be in control and recognize you can only do so much.

2. Decorate your home realistically and do not go overboard.
Doing this can bring the holiday spirit into your home and also remind you of the importance of which ever holiday you celebrate. Listen to holiday music, prepare holiday foods, and send out best wishes to those you care about. All this will remind you of the specialness of the season.

3. Limit your time on social media and emails.
Focus more on being with family and friends and actually interacting with them. The personal connection means a lot more than something read on a screen. Be careful not to get caught up in comparing yourself to others that you may see on social media. You are who you are and you are fine. Enjoy yourself and those important to you.

4. Don’t engage in conflict with family or friends.
Everyone has conflict. Angry or hurt feelings can ruin the holidays. Be more understanding and tolerant of others and recognize that what they think is important to them. Agree to disagree and set boundaries.

5. Don’t overeat.
Eat what you like but in moderation. With so much food around, it’s easy to put on a few pounds that you will regret after the holidays. Watch how much you eat and make sure to exercise

6. Avoid getting sick and ruining the holidays.
Stay away from people who have colds. Wash your hands frequently and keep yourself hydrated. Get enough rest. Avoid being coughed or sneezed on.

7. Express gratitude by giving to others.
Give what you can afford to the needy and those less fortunate. Volunteer to help out at charities and social service organizations. You will be rewarded with good feelings.

8. Gift yourself.
Treat yourself nicely. Buy yourself something that you would like to have. Schedule a massage, facial, or a spa day. Do something for yourself you wouldn’t ordinarily do for yourself.

9. Make time to go to the beach, the coffee shop, or the park.
Put your phone on silent and find a good book to read, puzzle to do, or music to listen to. Take this time for yourself and disconnect from the usually hectic world.

10. Create a new family holiday ritual.
Make the holidays special by playing a game, writing notes or cards to others, doing an arts and crafts project, telling stories, or sharing past memories.

Till January and the new decade…

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