June 21, 2022 – Summer Travel!

Every summer, I take the opportunity to travel. Going to Europe has been a favorite for me and I have been doing it since my college days.

However, since the pandemic, things have changed. Not only is their concern about getting sick in a foreign country, there are now worries about flights, regulations, political instability, inflation, and access to exhibits and sites to see.

It used to be easy to book a flight and make a hotel reservation and just go. It still may be so but reading about airline problems, Covid regulations, and overall safety in different countries seems to me to make travel a lot more difficult. It may not be, but I just perceive it that way.

I have traveled within the United States as the pandemic eased and have enjoyed these trips. I have also done a lot more enjoyable trips within the state of Florida. Yet traveling outside the country allows me to see how others live and to experience some civilizations that are thousands of years old.

Covid has changed a lot for all of us. With the lockdowns and quarantines, we have been taken out of our regular routines and it is difficult getting back. There is a lot more uncertainty and potential problems than before, yet they probably are all manageable.

                                                        (Normandie France)

It’s my perspective that has changed and this is one of the consequences from the pandemic. Being able to travel overseas again will require more effort and a new perspective. Yet, this may actually be a positive as it might enhance an appreciation of where I travel and what I experience.

Stay tuned.